An Inside Look at Junior Prom Cancelation


Alex Rubin, Class of 2022 student council member

Alex Rubin, Staff Writer

Black Knights, it’s official. The Class of 2022 has decided to cancel Junior Prom this year due to complications regarding COVID-19. While an effort was certainly made to keep the event running despite the virus, the executive board of the Class of 2022 headed by junior class advisor Mrs. Valentine has canceled the event. As a new member of the board myself, I was in the meeting, though I did not have any influence due to how recent my induction was. 

The problem with scheduling Junior Prom arose with the risks involved. In order to hold an event such as Prom, we are required to rent out space, which is a payment that must be paid in advance and is, in most cases, nonrefundable. With this in mind, Mrs. Valentine and the board of the Class of 2022 arrived at the decision that gambling with money that could otherwise be used for our Senior Prom next year is too dangerous. If it went wrong, the class would not only jeopardize Junior Prom but their Senior Prom next year as well. The unpredictability of COVID-19 was another contributing factor, as no one truly knows what the situation will look like regarding the virus in May, when Junior Prom is typically held. This uncertainty was the basis for the cancellation of the event, but not everyone was in favor of it.

The decision was not unanimous, as some students still held out hope for the event despite all the odds being stacked against it. Vice President Lucy Santora believes that the same reasoning that supports Senior Prom being held outside, full capacity with masks should and could safely be applied to Junior Prom. Lucy states, “An event like that is just what the rising upperclassmen need to make this year special.” She goes on to say, “I believe with enough planning it could work; It is just difficult.” Many are in agreement with Lucy, believing that a Junior Prom would be the morale booster we all need following this strange and unorthodox year. 

Jeremy Young, President of the Class of 2022, made the final call in canceling Junior Prom. While Young may not agree with Lucy’s position, he is sympathetic to those disappointed by the decision to cancel Junior Prom, stating, “We’re upset that we won’t be able to to have a Junior Prom, but the possibility of losing the money we’ve saved for Senior Prom is too risky.” 

While the news is most certainly disappointing, it is important to remember that everyone on the board is acting for what they believe to be the class of 2022’s best interest. Nobody is actively trying to ruin something for them, or throw away all of the money the class has saved thus far. The issue itself is complicated, and at this point in time, April of 2021, it is impossible to say whether or not the decision made was the right one. All that is guaranteed by the decision made is that the class will have sufficient funds for an amazing Senior Prom in June of 2022, and the Class of 2022 board looks forward to seeing you all there.