Stamford Department of Health – it’s time for fans.

Stamford Department of Health - it’s time for fans.

Calvin Stone, Sports Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone across the world, with American people losing jobs, businesses shutting down, and school closures. Government and Health department officials tend to forget the toll the pandemic is taking on students. Students have missed out on unforgettable memories such as prom, homecoming, sporting events, and many more. Allowing fans back into the games will give students a much-needed burst of joy as we approach the one-year mark of not attending sports games. 


Last year, all teachers, faculty, staff, government, and health officials made it one of their top priorities to give the class of 2020 all the help they needed. Class of 2021 is halfway through their senior year and  have been stripped of everything. With no end in sight on when the Department of Health will lift their restrictions and allow students to have somewhat of a high school experience.


In the city of Stamford, students have patiently sat back and watched every other City/Town allow their fans back into their stadiums. For some reason the Stamford Department of Health is too scared to allow fans back in the building. Considering the fact all students from the hybrid model will be returning back to school in April, there is no reason that fans shouldn’t be allowed in the stadiums for the spring season. 


Here’s my proposal for fans to be allowed back in the stadiums. 


  • 50 percent capacity 
  • Masks required upon entry 
  • 6-7 students/parents per row 
  • Tickets purchased online to reduce overflow. 


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