New Partnership Allows Chem Club to Continue Virtually

Christopher Otis, Correspondent

The chemistry club, which is usually a very hands-on club, has gone fully virtual for this school year. But don’t worry – chemistry teacher Donna Kaiser, the advisor for the club and also a current nominee for Stamford Teacher of the Year, was able to reach out to a company called Engineering Tomorrow. 

Thanks to this new connection, all the fun hands-on activities are available for the students at home through virtual labs and kits the students can pick up in school. In addition to the weekly meetings of the chemistry club, there is now a meeting with supervisors of Engineering Tomorrow once a week. These meetings include fun labs and general information about the engineering field. 

February 1 was the second meeting with the Engineering Tomorrow group and the first lab. For the lab, students were able to design our own 3D-printed object that could change the world.  Even though the year has started for the club, Kaiser says she would gladly accept anyone else who wanted to join. 

With the new curriculum of Engineering Tomorrow, the chemistry club has made a shift from just focusing on chemistry and has moved into the field of engineering. The club’s plan going forward is to have both the weekly meeting with just the club and also the meeting with Engineering Tomorrow. The club as a whole is also reading a book that will be discussed at the meetings. 

Lastly, the club is starting the year with a food drive. Bins have been placed in the classrooms of the teachers that are participating. Many of the teachers will offer extra credit to students who do donate. If none of your teachers have a bin in their room, food can always be brought to Kaiser’s room, 602. 

With this crazy school year, there are still uncertainties in the chemistry club’s schedule. But Kaiser is very excited to be a part of a fun club with a lot of new people. Kaiser said, “Thank you for your help getting the word out for the chemistry club. This year is going to be great.”