Senior Internships Still On Despite Pandemic

Karina Grabine, Correspondent

High school seniors this year have undoubtedly not had the year that they had always hoped for. Many activities that they looked forward to have been canceled as they are not covid safe, but senior internships are not one of them. This is a great opportunity for seniors to do something that will be both fun and very beneficial for their futures.

Many of the previous requirements still stand, such as a minimum GPA of 2.0, a teacher recommendation, and the permission of a parent/guardian. Program coordinator Michelle Lappas said that they will be doing the best they can to be flexible as far as the application process and deadlines are concerned. “ I am looking forward to working with students to develop great internships,” Lappas said. They understand that this has been a difficult year for everyone, and are doing everything they can to help. 

Internships are still set to begin around the time that they usually do, Which is May 17 (right after AP exams),  and continue until approximately June 11. Although this year the pandemic is definitely going to have an impact on internships because of new restrictions, Lappas explained how they are planning to adapt to this. “We are going to encourage self-design opportunities for our students either in person or virtual, and will work to ensure all COVID safety guidelines are followed,” she said. 

Students also seem very excited about this. Senior Annalise Fabricatore says, “I think it is a great opportunity for seniors to explore different careers, and it also gives students the experience of what to expect in a real job environment.” Another senior, Gabriella Argenio, said that although she has concerns about missing out on her final months of high school, she still wants to look into it as it sounds like “a great experience.”

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