Genetics Seminar Postponed Until February


Symeria Fallons-Pryor

Science teacher William Halmeck advises the Science NAtional Honors Society, which will host a genetics seminar this Thursday December 17.

Symeria Fallons-Pryor, Correspondent

A mini science seminar hosted by the Science National Honors Society will be postponed unitl February due to the recent announcement by the district that Thursday would be an early reloease day.  The seminar, about genetics and society, was originally scheduled for Thursday December 17. 

Science teacher and organizer William Halmeck said he hoped the seminar would “promote science awareness within the community.” 

The speaker of the seminar will be Dr. Mike Adams, Former Biology Chair and Professor of Genetics at Eastern Connecticut State University. Adams graduated with a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at Duke University. 

Halmeck said Dr. Adams was offered money for his participation in the seminar, but kindly declined the offer and suggested the money be donated.

The seminar will be available for all SHS classes to join virtually for every grade level.  Halmeck encourages teachers to join both periods to get students more involved.  Adams will be available for questions ten minutes before the end of each session. 

Any teachers interested in joining the google meet must let Halmeck know ahead of time so he can send you the google meet link. Any students that are interested in attending, please let your teachers know so they can broadcast the presentation to the class from their smartboards, and share their screen with their virtual class at the same time.