Frangos Piri Piri Restaurant Review

Frangos Piri Piri Restaurant Review

Mollie Herz, Correspondent

A new restaurant has hit North Stamford and will leave a mark. 

The restaurant is located at 1391 High Ridge Road, where Uncle’s Deli was formerly located. Frangos Piri Piri does not have seating nor will they ever because of the small amount of space in the restaurant. 

I went to try it out with my family and within 25 minutes of us ordering our food was ready. It felt very safe inside, much cleaner than Uncle’s Deli which was there previously to Frangos. They painted the walls and moved the counter on the inside. It just feels much more open and bright. Every employee was wearing a mask and gloves, even the lady at the cash register. Notably, there was a sign on the door stating “No more than 5 people in at once.” In addition, everyone is also required to wear a mask and stay as socially distanced as possible. 

Frangos is an authentic Portuguese Piri Piri, spicy chili pepper sauce, marinated for at least 24 hours. Then it is slowly cooked over a charcoal grill. By doing that, the chicken is filled with intense flavor, a smoky taste, and an unbelievably crispy texture! Moreover, Frangos cooks their chicken the same way it is cooked traditionally in Lisbon, Portugal. The owner explains on the website he came to the U.S. 30 years ago and he wanted to bring part of their culture to the states. He wants to share his passion for cooking with other parts of the world.  

They do have a delivery through GrubHub and UberEats, which is very good for anyone that doesn’t feel safe going out and picking up food.

Although there is not a very large variety of foods, what they have is delicious. The menu mostly consists of chicken. Frangos sells 3 types of chicken meals, they have a meal which consists of a whole bird, a half-bird, and 2 sides. You can also get just chicken with the same amount of just no sides, then you eat a salad or chicken wrap. I think the wraps are very good and recommend them. In addition, the sides are also limited, with beans, fries, chips, rice, and a side salad. Nevertheless, they make the most scrumptious coconut macaroons and flan. 

My mom and I both liked the mildly spiced wings with a side of chips and rice. My dad liked the hot half a chicken meal and my brother liked the Frangos wrap with mild sauce. There are also authentic desserts, flan, and macaroons. My mom liked the macaroons better, because they were the perfect amount of sweetness, and really hit the spot. The portions were enough, although my little brother ordered a quarter of a chicken and it was only one breast or one leg which was not enough for him. 

Overall Frangos Piri Piri is a very family friendly place, with a patient and welcoming employees.  My family and I enjoyed our meal and will definitely be going back for more!