Looking on the Bright Side: The Positive Effects of COVID-19


Alex Rubin, Class of 2022 student council member

Alex Rubin, Correspondant

It’s safe to say that all of our lives have been altered to some degree by COVID-19. The virus poses a serious health threat to each of us and our loved ones, but even those who don’t know anyone who has had the virus have been affected in some way. Schools have been closed, sports seasons ended prematurely, and proms cancelled. Nonetheless, in times like these, it is important to remain positive and optimistic for the future. When the pandemic is over and the world returns to a “normal” state, things won’t be exactly as they were in early March of 2020, and this is a good thing. We have learned so much as a society both about our communities and, on a much more personal level, about each other. From grand and life-changing, to details so subtle you might miss them, these changes will sweep the world.

COVID-19 has proven to companies all over the world that working from home is a viable and effective option. For us, the younger generation that hasn’t officially joined the work force, this means that we will be entering a job market in a new and more malleable environment. It is proven that working from home is just as, if not more, efficient than working from an office. If you find that you would benefit from working at home due to extraneous circumstances, that option may be available to you.

Furthermore, new software and innovations have been created during the pandemic to keep us more connected to the ones we love. Akin to how wartime exponentially quickens the rate of technological growth in a country, this pandemic has given some companies the perfect opportunity for sweeping innovation that we have only seen the surface of. Inventions inspired by or conceived during COVID will continue to roll out in the coming years for us to enjoy and employ to better our everyday lives. All of that being said, these are all big picture changes that will trickle in slowly following the end of COVID-19. The more personal, smaller-scale positive effects can be seen and appreciated every day.

COVID-19 has kept us cooped up in our homes for what feels like an eternity. This we can all agree on. We feel as if we’ve missed out on so many moments that we would’ve experienced if the pandemic hadn’t occurred. Objectively speaking, we are not wrong in believing that. However, I do not believe that that is the entire truth. During this pandemic, when we were all stuck in our homes with nothing to do, relationships developed. For some it was new relationships, that have since grown into something of great importance to them. For others, they grew closer to their family and created memories that will never be forgotten. Some people may have spent more time with their closest friends, developing and strengthening their relationships to a point that, without the pandemic, may never have been possible. COVID gave some people time with friends and family that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen, like those of us with siblings in college. The pandemic robbed us of some experiencesーabsolutely. But it also gave us the foundation upon which many more were created, which should be acknowledged.

While the COVID situation is undeniably less than ideal, only good can come from looking for the best aspects of the given situation. There are plenty of things to look forward to in the future COVID-free world, and keeping those things in mind serves as effective motivation to drudge through the monotony of pandemic life. Other forms of distractions are also important to keep spirits up. Looking on the bright side of COVID will help us to remain happier during the pandemic. We can all always use something to smile about.