Stamford High Student Turns Author

Cover of student Sofia Sarak's  book A Teenager's Life in Uncertainty

Cover of student Sofia Sarak’s book A Teenager’s Life in Uncertainty

Andrew Bagan, Correspondent

The average high schooler is just worried about their academics and college applications, but others do much more than just that. Stamford High Senior (and my good friend) Sofia Sarak wrote the book A Teenager’s life in Uncertainty, where she describes her personal experiences during the first four months of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Not knowing what to expect, Sarak began documenting her day-to-day experiences on March 12, 2020, when schools were first closed to June 30, 2020.  She imagined that maybe one day her journal entries would be used to teach others about such uncertain times in history, without plans of making it into a book. 

“Everyone kept on telling me that “we’re living through history right now,” which was -and still is- true. And I knew that the main way people learn about history is from primary sources from that time. I wanted to be that primary source, so I started recording what happened each day. I didn’t think it would end up being a whole book, but after four months of a pandemic, I figured it should be.”

Fellow students who read this book felt a personal connection as her experiences were similar to theirs. 

Sophomore, Philip Childakos mentioned, “The book was truly interesting to read. I found it easy to relate to since we faced many of the same experiences during quarantine; we both spent a lot of time taking care of our little siblings more than we were used to. We also go to the same school as well as being similar in age.” 

Sarak’s book was meant to be relatable, as there were many other high schoolers just like her facing the challenges of a pandemic at the same time. 

Sarak wanted this book to be much more than a book. The young author, whose book is now being sold by Barnes and Noble, wanted to give back to people who were struggling the most during the hardest times of this once in a lifetime pandemic. She decided to donate 50% of all profits to CT-4, the Connecticut COVID-19 charity fund.

“It felt wrong to profit off of my experience with COVID-19, especially since so many people were being affected in terrible ways. I wanted to use my book to not only inform people about my experience but also as a way to help the people in my community who needed it.”

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