COVID Restrictions Impact Gym Classes


Olivia Laccona

Due to COVId-19 restricitons, gym classes are havily limited in the types of activites they can participate in.

Olivia Laccona, Correspondent

Due to COVID-19 gym class at Stamford High this year is looking a little different.  The CDC recommends that teachers should try and keep students as socially distanced as possible and make it so they don’t sweat or touch any of the same things during gym class. After talking to one of the gym teachers they made it clear that gym class this year is going to be difficult. 

Gym teacher Stephen Buckett, mentioned how this year was extremely different then most.  He also went on about how it was challenging and hard to keep students entertained during class. 

“Health guidelines and regulations say that we aren’t allowed to touch and share equipment and discourage us from making students breath heaving or sweat”, says Bucket.  How is gym class supposed to work if students can’t even do the proper physical activities. 

Bucket goes on to explain, “our plan is, moving forward into the second quarter we may be allowed to do more things, we were told we can touch the ground so we may have the students do body weight exercises or even like stretches and some yoga.”

As of right now all the gym classes are doing is walking the track on a warm day and when it’s raining and cold they are walking circles in the gym. 

After talking to a few students they all agree this isn’t the way they expected their gym class to go this year. 

“Yeah I like walking around because I don’t have to do any work, but after walking for so long it gets boring and I just want to sit.”  Freshman Mason Mui said “walking gets repetitive and boring after a few days, it’s fun at first because I get to talk and walk with friends but now I wanna do activities,” said freshman J.J. Salvatore.

Hopefully moving forward in the school year the gym classes are able to do more activities despite COVID-19 and the cold weather. 

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