Halloween in a Pandemic?

Jena Spezano, Correspondent

Due to Covid-19 many people have different plans for Halloween this year than they did last year.  Since there is a pandemic, people have to find socially distanced ways to celebrate the holiday.  The mayor of Stamford made it very clear to stay distanced from people and try to be extra safe, especially since COVID cases are rising in the area . Trick or treating is definitely going to look a lot different this year.  


After talking to some local kids from Stamford, it was clear that the children are disappointed that they can’t do their usual Halloween traditions. 


One 7-year-old, Ellie La Ra, said, “I’m very sad” after asking her how she feels about how COVID-19 is affecting her Halloween.  She went on and said, “I can’t knock on peoples doors and ask for candy this year.”  This year Ellie dressed up as Queen Bee. 


Ellie’s brother Riley, who is 10, also agreed that Halloween was weird this year. “My neighbors are putting out tables with candy on them,” Riley stated.  He also said, “I’m a little sad but it’s okay.” He was excited to share that he was dressing up as Pikachu.  Throughout their neighborhood people found creative ways to give out candy.  Most people put out big tables and spread out candy all over them or had little individual bags of candy for kids to grab.  It definitely was not a normal way for the trick or treaters to receive candy.


Another local Stamford kid,  Theodore Diamond, was also disappointed about this year’s Halloween.  The 8-year-old said, “this year is way different than last year.”  He continued, “instead of going to a lot of houses I can only go to a few.” Theodore was dressing up as a skeleton.  It’s obvious that the children are upset that they can’t have a normal Halloween, but most have definitely found ways to make it fun.  


Theodore, Ellie and Riley are all neighbors and spent Halloween decorating cookies, carving pumpkins and had a Halloween candy scavenger hunt! The kids had a fun day outside and were socially distanced. Hopefully next year Halloween can be normal and kids can go back to regular trick or treating.

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