Pink Out to be Held Despite Covid Restrictions


William Gordon, Correspondent

On Monday, October 5, Stamford High teacher Diane Burns announced that the Stamford High School “Pink Out” will still occur, even with COVID-19 parameters in effect. 

Burns said, “The Pink Out will be a two day event this year to accommodate both blue and green day students.”

In regards to donations to support breast cancer awareness, she said, “Our goal is still to raise awareness and make a donation to Stamford Hospital (the Bennett Cancer Center). I know this year might be more difficult than in years past, but showing how strong we are as a school is probably more important this year.” 

Concerning the yearly Stamford High pep rally, Burns said a pep rally seems very unlikely at this time.

“Connecticut has lifted some of the indoor restrictions but the Board of Education and our superintendent have the ultimate say and the safety of the students and faculty will come first and foremost,” said Burns. 

Although there will be limitations, there is great hope that our student body can show their spirit, as they always do.

Burns explained, “We are planning on having student volunteers take pictures of students and staff on the pink out days and we’re going to put together a picture collage that spells out Stamford Strong.” 

Stamford High always has a great turnout when it comes to the “Pink Out,” and this year should be no different.