BOE: No Spectators for Girls Volleyball


Volleyball seniors pose wearing their masks, socially distanced.

C.J. Stone

Kadence Green, Staff Writer

After a lot of back and forth, the Stamford Health Department has finally made a definite decision not to allow spectators at the Stamford High School volleyball games this fall season. The girls were very hopeful that their parents, and maybe some fans, would be allowed to sit separately at their games, however that was denied. 

Chris Passamano, the current athletic director at SHS, was highly involved in the situation, pushing for the district to allow limited fans at the games.

Passamano says, “I understand the Health Departments point of view, and ultimately they are trying to keep everybody safe, however I wish we could at least allow our home fans on a limited basis to attend games.”

On Oct. 1, the Board of Education held a vote to decide whether or not the volleyball games will allow spectators. The board voted in favor of allowing a limited number of spectators to attend. Soon after, the SHS Athletics twitter tweeted “Fans of Black Knight Nation. The BOE voted to allow a limited number of fans to varsity games starting soon. We will consult with the Dept. of Health for an approved plan as soon as possible. We will let you know as soon as we can start allowing limited fan attendance.” This message was sent out to many of the girls on the team and their parents, and they were extremely excited, however their excitement was soon put to rest. Later that day, the superintendent of Stamford Public Schools, Tamu Lucero, and the Department of Health decided not to allow spectators at the games because it puts people at risk. 

Other high schools including Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Wright Tech, Danbury, Staples, and Wilton are allowing 25 spectators at the games. However, if you do plan on attending a game at one of these schools, you must wear a mask and have a lanyard provided by the FCIAC that has your name, school, and sport on it. Parent seating will still be opposite the team benches. 

Volleyball co-captain Sarah Wargo was highly upset by the decision, but understands where the board is coming from.

“I understand why they are not letting fans watch our games this year, but I think they should allow a certain number of people in the gym, so at least our parents can come. It would not be hard for all of our parents to sit 6 feet away from each other, even if it was only at home games, so at least they would get to see us play a little. It’s especially hard for the seniors, since this is our last year playing, but I know they are doing the best they can to keep us all safe and healthy. I’m just glad we get to play,” Wargo said.

Like Wargo, many of the other SHS volleyball players are upset about the decision, but understand that COVID-19 guidelines need to be taken seriously and that the Department of Health is just trying to keep everyone safe from the virus. 

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