Mr. Passamano: Not just what SHS Athletics wants, but what we need…


Passamano celebrating after Marcus for Change walk/run.

Two years ago, the Stamford High community learned that we would be getting a new athletic director. It was a controversial choice, as it meant that long-time beloved coach, athletic director, and history teacher James Moriarity, better known in the halls of Stamford High as “Mo,” would not have the position anymore. The Athletic Director position was changed to an administrative position, which it should have been for a long time, and it was supposed to be a positive change for Stamford High Athletics. 

Christopher Passamano, also known as Mr. Passamano, was added to the staff at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. The students didn’t know him yet, and many people involved in athletics were upset by the loss of Moriarity. Passamano definitely had an uphill battle to win the favor of SHS athletes. But he didn’t care about that; he cared about something bigger. He saw a gap in the system, was able to figure out what was missing in the puzzle. He didn’t seek likability, but respect. He showed that his first priority wasn’t getting new jerseys for every team and that he wasn’t going to do what every team wanted, but rather, what every team needed.

He made programs for the students at Stamford High to have meals to bring to away games, to their homes, or to have as a snack after school before practice. He realized that students’ athletic performances were being brought down because they didn’t have the proper nutrition before games. He made sure they didn’t need to worry about not having enough money to get a sufficient meal before a game or practice.

One of the first things Passamano did was get flags for Boyle Stadium so we looked united. He also helped organize a school clean up day, he was able to change fencing around the fields, and the list goes on and on. Most importantly, he has proved that he is and has been able to get things done.

More recently, Passamano has been extremely involved during the unknown time of the COVID-19 pandemic. He constantly uses his social media platforms for good. He posts almost every day, sharing activities to guide Stamford High athletes and students to stay active during this pandemic. He makes sure to be a positive role model for the athletes. He also frequently posts to remind students that if they need food, to privately direct message him and he will make sure they get it. 

Passamano has been particularly sympathetic toward senior athletes, many of whom either had their seasons interrupted or canceled due to the pandemic. He has been involved in discussing events with seniors, and even wrote a letter to every class after the spring sports season was officially canceled expressing his feelings and hoping to help the students. For senior athletes taking their athletic talents to the next level, he organized an outdoor signing day ceremony that followed the COVID-19 regulations, making sure everyone stayed healthy and safe while still honoring the accomplishments of these athletes. He also helped create “Stamford Strong” gear, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards Stamford’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund.

Overall, Mr. Passamano cares… a lot. The Round Table Staff completely understands the financial uncertainty after this pandemic and that some things need to be cut, but this position should not and must not be cut. Not only is this position too much for one person to handle across the district, but Passamano has done too much good for the community for his position to simply be eliminated. We truly believe he has made Stamford High a better place, and in the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic, his presence is exactly what our school community needs.