Oriental Gourmet Offers Delicious and Safe Take-Out

Oriental Gourmet Offers Delicious and Safe Take-Out

Siri Forfang, Staff Writer

During this pandemic, most people’s first priority is staying clean and following all the important safety measures. Through all this, the restaurant businesses are suffering a lot. No one is allowed to dine in. Nowadays everything is take out or delivery. The positive is that the restaurant kitchens can still be fully functioning, but a lot of the employees are out of jobs. However, the restaurants are doing the best they can and following every safety precaution possible to remain open.  One such restauarant is Oriental Gourmet.

Located on a usually busy street in Old Greenwich, Oriental Gourmet is a Chinese restaurant that my family and I enjoy eating at. It is located on a street that also has a lot of other restaurants and there is direct parking in front of the restaurant. Under the current circumstances the street is pretty empty but usually I could see it being a busy street so finding a parking spot could be hard since there is limited parking on the street. 

Again, under the circumstances the only available way to eat at Oriental Gourmet is take out. So, my family placed an order for take out and then went to pick it up. We ordered the wonton soup for $3.95, the pork lo mein for $7.95, an egg roll for $1.75 and the beef in hot pepper sauce for $11.25. Once the order was placed we went to go pick it up. They said it would be ready in about 15-20 minutes. 

When we got there the street was empty, so finding parking was easy. We put our masks on and went in to get our food. The food was waiting on a small table opposite the front desk. We paid at the front desk and the woman there also had a mask on, keeping the six feet between us. She was very nice and polite. As we were walking out we picked up our food from the table and then left. 

My mom and I had the wonton soup and I really enjoyed it. It was very good and came with a good amount of wontons. My mom had the egg roll that she said was delicious and my brother really enjoyed the lo mein as he always does. My dad finished his entire meal, the beef in hot pepper sauce, so that shows he really liked it. He also said it was his first time trying it and he was not disappointed. Overall a very good meal. It also came with fortune cookies that we always enjoy. 

I think the prices are very reasonable and we definitely got our money’s worth. The portions were big and definitely filling. Compared to other Chinese restaurants this was the cheapest we’ve been too. Overall I would give it a 9/10 and would for sure go back. The inside of the restaurant was very clean and was nicely decorated. I’ve never eaten inside there before but I would definitely be up to trying it.