Student Campaigns to Help Local Hospital Workers



Ray Manka

Sofia Sarak, Staff Writer

As COVID-19 progresses in our community, the majority of us find ourselves stuck as home, either navigating through digital piles of homework or trying to combat boredom. One Stamford High student decided to channel her energy into something greater: helping the healthcare workers on the frontlines.

With the number of coronavirus cases in Stamford surpassing 1,000 (Stamford Advocate), the team at Stamford Hospital is spending countless hours treating them, oftentimes with minimal breaks in between. SHS Class of 2021 President Shaina Bond wanted to find a way to make their time getting lunch easier.

Bond’s philosophy is simple: “Health care workers are putting their health second…It’s essential for them to be well fed in order to treat sick patients.” 

She got in contact with Principal Raymond Manka and Dean of Students Tomas Agosto, who helped her work out the logistics. Not even two weeks later, Bond’s GoFundMe page – titled Stamford High Gives Back to Stamford Hospital – has nearly reached its $1,250 goal.

The money will be used to purchase wraps, chips, and sodas from Rinaldi’s Deli in Stamford, which will then be donated to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. 

In a heartfelt video that Principal Manka recorded to accompany the GoFundMe page, he described Bond as an “exceptional student.” He urged the SHS community to contribute to her effort and thanked the Stamford Hospital staff for their work as they provide for our community.

“I would like to thank everyone who donated and who helped turn this idea into reality,” Bond stated. “With this money we will truly be able to make a positive impact during this upsetting time.”

You can support the cause here: