What About the S.A.T.?

Standardized tests around the country are being reshceduled due to COVID-19

Hannah Bushell, News Editor

As of Thursday March 19, there have been several changes regarding standardized testing that will impact many students at both Stamford High School and at other high schools throughout the country.

First, the March and May SAT tests are both cancelled and will not be rescheduled. It has been stated that refunds will be issued. As of now, The College Board is uncertain about what they will do about the June SAT test date. However, it is important to note that The College Board and the Connecticut State Department of Education have asked Connecticut high schools to continue preparations for the April 14 SAT school-day administration. It is important to note that this by no means makes the April 14 SAT date definite. It can still be cancelled depending on whether or not the public schools are back in session by this date.

Junior Diana Vukel commented on these changes with SAT test dates, stating that “It has been really inconvenient considering so many of us have spent such a long time prepping for the SAT and such only to have them be pushed back.”

In terms of the ACT, the April 4 test date has been rescheduled to June 13. Students – from both Stamford High and not – will receive an email with instructions to reschedule to the June 13 test or to another future test date. They will not be charged any additional fee, which they typically would be under normal circumstances.

In terms of AP testing, the College Board still has the tests scheduled to be administered in May. The College Board is monitoring the situation and is working on a backup plan that involves students taking AP exams from home.

“It’s crazy that these tests could be taken from home or even cancelled all together,” says Junior Zach Tusa. “I’m worried about the students who should have earned credit for the class, but may not ever get the chance to if all tests are cancelled.” 

The College Board will likely release an official plan of action by March 20, 2020.

Many students and parents have expressed concerns about not being able to send in test scores to college admissions offices in time. It is important to note that all College admissions offices are fully aware of test cancellations and are closely monitoring these rapidly changing conditions. Exceptions will likely be made to make up for these delays and conflicts. 

Although testing is something that is very “up in the air” right now, it is important to note that all high schoolers around the country are experiencing the same overwhelming feelings of confusion and frustration. Students, parents, and faculty must be flexible in this time of uncertainty, and continue to study, teach, and learn as if no tests were to be indefinitely delayed.

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