Looking for a Final Dose of Winter Fun?

Camelback Mountain Resort is one of several options for those students looking to get one last taste of winter fun.

Courtesy of Camelback Mountain Resort

Camelback Mountain Resort is one of several options for those students looking to get one last taste of winter fun.

Siri Forfang, Staff Writer

Winter is already almost over, and our next vacation isn’t until April. But for anyone looking to get in their last dose of winter fun, I decided to come up with 3 fun, easy, quick and nearby trips you and your family could take in a weekend. They are winter-related, considering we live in New England and anywhere close to us will be pretty cold for a little while longer. I hope this helps! Enjoy!


1. Lake Placid, NY – It is about a 4-5 hour drive, which is pretty long however it is so worth it. Lake Placid is the home to the Winter Olympic Museum and they also are the home to one of the most famous ice rinks that is open to the public to skate on. You can also take a tour of the Olympic Ski Jump, which is really cool. You can go bobsledding, skiing on one of the most loved ski mountains in New York or even just walk around the cute little town. Senior Ava Devlin went to Lake Placid over the summer and said  ̈It was so much fun and that she would 100% recommend.¨ Even though she went during the summer, there is a lot to do during the winter. You can also go dog sledding, which I mean, who doesn’t love that? Overall a great place to go. 


2. Crystal Springs Resort, NJ – This resort is only about a 1-2 hour drive, which is not bad. Crystal Springs Resort is an amazing place for families. Senior Cristina Morse said ̈ It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and my family and I had an amazing time.¨They have a huge indoor pool with waterslides and even a pool that when you swim under you are outside in a hot tub. The resort itself has a lot of activities going on every night for kids and even adults but there is also a lot to do outside of the resort. Not too far from the resort is an amazing facility to go cross country skiing. They have incredible paths laid out for you to go explore and they have a little shop that when you are done you can go get hot chocolate. There is also horseback riding if you are into that. Many options and it is not too far away!


3. Camelback Mountain Resort, PA – It is about a 2 and a half hour drive. This resort is a quick getaway, perfect for a short break. They have almost all the winter facilities you could hope for. They have a huge ski and snowboard mountain. That is very popular during the winter. You can also try snow tubing which kids tend to love. And after spending the day outside you can come inside to their amazing indoor aquatic facility. They have everything from waterslides, a wave pool, a lazy river and so much more. Senior Sophia Negyesi said, “There was a big variety of rides and one of the best wave pools I have ever seen.” They also have an amazing buffet serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Camelback has everything you need all in one spot, you don’t ever have to leave the resort. 


Spring is fast approaching and there’s not much time to get out and enjoy the cold! These local attractions are sure to leave you missing winter once it’s gone.