Singer Ron Pope Delivers Heartfelt Message to Daughter in Newest Single

Singer Ron Pope Delivers Heartfelt Message to Daughter in Newest Single

Gabe Israel

On January 8 2020, Nashville singer-songwriter Ron Pope released a new song titled ‘My Wildest Dreams’, serving as a glimpse into an upcoming album from Pope to be released in March. Pope’s discography is vast and encompassing, releasing his first album titled ‘The Bedroom Demos’ in 2008 and releasing his latest album titled ‘Daylight II’ in 2019, re-featuring his most notable single, a piano driven ballad titled ‘ A Drop In The Ocean’. 

Akin to his latest single, ‘A Drop In The Ocean’ disguises themes of love and hope through both abstract and elaborate metaphors. Creative imagery is a recurring element that permeates through Pope’s songwriting. It is an element that, in tandem with simplistic guitar and piano arrangements, allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in the universally accessible stories and experiences that Pope exerts through his compositions.

The singer-songwriter’s most recent release, ‘My Wildest Dreams’, masterfully explains the objectively life-altering experience of becoming a parent. The lyrics expose Pope’s vulnerability, acknowledging both his flaws and the opportunity to utilize them as means to impart life lessons onto his newborn daughter as she navigates life. Essentially, the song is a promise Pope makes to his daughter, vowing to give her all he has to offer, both the tangible and intangible aspects of life. 

The new album is set to be released in March and it is safe to assume that the singer-songwriter’s latest single reflects the themes we can expect to explore in his upcoming work: An onslaught of lessons and vows to his newborn daughter disguised through figurative lyrics and captivating melodic compositions. 

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