Third John Wick Film is an Uber-Violent and Satisfying Addition to Franchise

Third John Wick Film is an Uber-Violent and Satisfying Addition to Franchise

Jordan Mendez, Staff Writer

WARNING: Don’t take your kids to this movie, some scenes are more brutal than I would recommend for any child. I will expand on this later. 

If you’re an action junkie and don’t know about the John Wick movies, you are doing yourself a great disservice. The series not only provides an amazing viewing experience, but sets a new standard for what an action movie can (and should) be. The movie creates a world that commands respect, due to how it treats its characters and its fight scenes, establishing itself as a must-watch action film.

The latest installment, like its predecessors, stars Keanu Reeves and is expectedly outstanding, living up to the others’ reputation. The series continues to have some of the best fight scenes, using long camera takes to capture most of a fight, while also not being over-choreographed. The movie keeps many of the deaths shown clean and quick, but also keeps the integrity of the shot going by bringing multiple enemies in frame or just following Keanu rather than cutting too often. The movie had one of the most unique fights I’ve personally seen using attack dogs. The dogs were used in a way that felt natural, as they worked as a form of crowd control for their owner, and the scenes were not too brutal. While I did say many of the movies kills are clean and quick, it does still have some of its more brutal moments, such as a graphic stabbing of someone in the eye slowly for example; with a few scenes as brutal as this, I would not recommend bringing children to this movie.

If you had any worries about whether or not this movie lives up to the first two, I can say it has only improved on what they had to offer. The world of John Wick is further fleshed out with the introduction of more locations that tie in with the organization as well as new high-standing members. They still have some of the best fight scenes in any movie and in this movie there is even some very light humor that references back to the other movies you can look out for.

If I had to say the movie had any outstanding flaws it would be all the obvious ones that any action movie falls too, such as the protagonist being borderline unkillable, but if they weren’t we would have no movie. The movie also had a more drawn out final act than necessary but it was still entertaining nonetheless.

John Wick is an amazing series and this latest addition to it has only improved it, if you’re looking for a good action movie go see this latest installment of John Wick. As a final warning this movie does had a few brutal scenes not fit for children.


Rating: 8.5/10