Following the Process of a Young Designer

Evena Desther
Designs for junior Emory Ciocci's original dress creation.

Evena Desther, Staff Writer

Recently, I followed Emory Ciocci, a junior at Stamford High School, on her latest work. Ciocci wants to eventually pursue fashion merchandising and currently is enrolled in Fashion Merchandising and Construction level 3 at Stamford High. The class focuses on reinforcing techniques learned from the more novice classes offered. Students are expected to incorporate all these previous techniques taught in prior classes in their works and must create a portfolio and display their sketching skills. This class also incorporates on history of fashion and fashion designers and also current trends and styles.

Ciocci is currently working on her silk mini dress. This idea came to her when she found a brocade fabric and wanted to try something with it. However, this is not her first time making pieces of clothing. She previously made a velvet dress, tube top, vintage apron and prom dress alterations and more. To make a successful garment takes many attempts. Ciocci shared that this dress is personal to her because it is not her first attempt at making the silk dress. She previously tried to make this dress and gave up. She said, “the fabric was too slippery and was difficult to work with.”

However, she is persevering through crafting this challenging garment. During the second attempt of making this dress, she has faced difficulties. Ciocci said the hardest thing about making this dress is making the invisible zipper for the dress. Keeping the fabric together also poses another challenge. She said that the, “fabric is very fraying.”

This makes it harder to keep the fabric together in the sewing process.

Ciocci also recognizes her flaws in fashion and wants to work at them. She said that she feels as if she sometimes lacks attention in details in the creating process. She has had problems in other designs before, but on this dress is working hard to pay attention to the details.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in fashion or even learning how to just make a garment, Ciocci shared that the class is extremely rewarding. She said, “you get a sense of accomplishment.”

The class also opened her eyes to the extensive process of creating and gave her a true look at what it would be like working in the world of merchandising and designing.

Ciocci also wears her own clothes. She plans on finishing the garment and be able to wear it during the summer to dress up. Her fashion teacher, Ms. Van said, “Emory has an individual sense of fashion that is fashion forward.”

To wear her own clothing at such a young age is such a big accomplishment. Her passion for fashion is undeniable and her work will definitely go far.