Paint Knight Raises Funds for Art Dept.

Andrew Patashnik, Reporter

On Friday October 12th, the class of 2020 held the second annual paint knight hosted by SHS art teacher Kim Wheeler.

Paint Knight organizer Hannah Bushell described the event as a success. “This event was done last year. It’s the second annual year that it’s happening,” Bushell said. “Last year, we made amazing profit from it, we made over $1000 and we’re hoping to make it even more this year.”

Jeremy White, junior class co-advisor, oversaw the night to make sure things ran smoothly. He described the event as a great idea. “I think it’s a great way to – people to come out and hang out for a little bit. Have some pizza, drink some beverages, talk, and bring home a great piece of art” White said.

SHS art teacher Kim Wheeler, who teaches Drawing and Painting 1 and 2 and Sculpture 1 and 2, provided the instruction for this fundraiser, while also painting a piece of her own for the night.