A Spooky Sneak Peak of the Stamford High Haunted House

Ivy Zingone, Staff Writer

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In need of a good scare? Spooky season is officially here and the Stamford High haunted house is the perfect way to celebrate!


In previous years, Stamford High School’s small auditorium was used as the main area for the event and lead to one continuous path along the seventh floor. This year, however, the small gym will be the center of attraction with two different possible paths for students to take.


When asked how this year’s haunted house would be different, one of the organizers, Lalith Goli, said “We plan to use last year’s props to our advantage along with getting as many spirited people involved as possible to help create the maximum scare.” Organizer Sam Diamond stated, “Everyone plans to work hard on props, costumes, and makeup in order to live up to the success of last year’s haunted house. We have some NAHS students carrying out our ideas creatively as well, which is helpful.”


Goli confirmed that several classic horror films would inspire some of the room themes, “Clowns seem to be a common fear and with the success of last years IT themed room— how could we not bring back Georgie and Pennywise again?”


The haunted house also plans to pay tribute to classics such as The Shining, Scream, Poltergeist, The Conjuring and Sinister. So whether you are a horror movie fanatic or just appreciate a good scare, come to the Stamford High haunted house on October 19 and October 20.