Dynamic Duo

Everett Dolan, Staff Writer

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It is no shock that two of the most dominant athletes in the school are the star tennis twins, Devon and Taylor Yaghmaie. As sophomores they have dominated on the tennis court and have been a shining spot in our athletics. As freshmen, just adjusting to the bright lights and competitive nature of FCIAC tennis, they captured a state title and were runners-up in this years tennis final.

As they and many others dwell on what could have been back to back titles, this sprouts an opportunity. To truly savor winning can only come from a loss, and this heartbreaking loss should spring a passion to dominate, and they are more than capable of a monstrous return to the court next year. Not only do they have two full years under their belt, but they have also tasted both a state win and state loss, which should be the driving force behind their determination to celebrate like they did in their freshman year. The twins are athletic, skilled, and share a connection between them that is rare between doubles partners. Watching the state final this year and witnessing them go down was shocking for everyone rooting alongside them, but in the back of everyone’s mind there was no doubt that this would not be the end for them. Instead, it was a mere roadblock on the path to tennis history at Stamford High School.

As we look at other dominant streaks in the FCIAC, such as the Darien High School lacrosse program, there is no question that there lies an undeniable possibility for the twins to dominate in the same fashion. Buckle up, it’s going to be an incredible two more years.

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