Album Review: Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino


Danielle Forrest , Staffwriter

After being on hiatus for five years, Arctic Monkeys have finally returned with their sixth album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Arctic Monkeys is a widely known band from England. The album most people know by them is their huge hit AM. The band has been very successful through the years and all of their six albums have become number one albums in the U.K.

On May 11, the new album released and the first question I had right away was, “Is this album really gonna be worth it?” Seeing how different the album artwork was and how weird the song titles were, I really didn’t know what to expect. Right away when you start with the first song “Star Treatment” you for sure know this album has a whole new sound. I was very surprised to hear the huge usage of piano and not the usage of the heavy guitar and drums. People classify this album as lounge pop, space pop, and glam rock. All the songs have a space like effect on them and even have elements of jazz, so I definitely can understand why they consider this album as space pop. Many people think the album has a huge David Bowie feel to it and I can agree.

If you are open to listening to new music and have never listened to Arctic Monkeys before I think you could really find yourself loving this album. But if you have been listening to Arctic Monkeys since their first album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, you need to allow yourself to be open to a new sound because then this album will not be for you at all. For sure when I first listened to the album I didn’t enjoy it at all, but after listening to it more I found myself to really love it a lot. The songs that I found were the best on the album are “ Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”, “Four Out of Five”, and “The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip”, although I couldn’t find myself to enjoy “Batphone” and “The Ultracheese”. If you are interested in Arctic Monkeys you should give them a listen to because I truly think people would really enjoy their music!