The Fortnite Phenomena Takes Hold at SHS


Ilir Hulaj, Staff Writer

Fortnite is the latest online gaming trend that is taking Stamford High by storm.  Gamers everywhere are talking about this game, but the question is, why?  What makes Fortnite so trendy and addicting?

To begin, the concept of the game is quite simple. Fortnite is the standard “battle royale survival” game in which players compete to be the last man standing. Players must eliminate other players with various weaponry that include firearms, traps, and explosives. Sounds pretty easy right? Well it isn’t because there are 100 players in total competing against one another.

To explain how the game works, the game begins with 100 players jumping out of a bus hovering over a vast island, choosing a location to land and to prepare themselves for battle. Once the player lands, mayhem ensues as competitors commence the hunt for weapons and resources while they combat against opponents. Yet to the dismay of many players, they can’t always get the best equipment, as many players are often eliminated within the first minute of the game due to being unarmed. But as for those who manage to survive the initial minutes of the game, it gets increasingly difficult to win. Players will eventually get better weapons and medical supplies to become the favored winners. In addition, as time passes during the match, competitors must avoid getting stuck in the “storm”, which is an area that shrinks the map into a confined circle at time intervals. It essentially forces players to confront each other as the play area becomes smaller and smaller. Also, any players caught in the “storm” progressively lose health until they are eliminated.

Yet aside from the game-play, one thing that makes Fortnite so attractive to gamers is that the game’s art style certainly stands out as it adopts a less realistic look while maintaining the competitive nature of the game. Anyone who has seen Fortnite will know how colorful and has more of a cartoon look rather than realistic graphics. The game visually looks appealing which flocks groups of friends together which instantly gets them hooked. Senior Alan Alteus says “the art style is vibrant and makes finding people easy, as opposed to Call of Duty where players blend in which disrupts game-play.”

To continue, there is nothing more enjoyable than playing with friends and Fortnite has an extremely inviting and enjoyable team system. The game also is worth much more than you pay for it, coming in at $39.99 plus tax. Most games these days come in around $60 which also makes Fortnite far more appealing. Fortnite gives players a lot of value for the game they are buying which plays into why it does so well. Game prices and looks are not what make Fortnite as addicting as it is however, its real strength lies in the gameplay.

Stamford High senior Krantz Medeus says “The game is easy to get into but requires some trial and error.” The game has a learning curve with advanced techniques for pros but has a system simple enough for anyone to jump in. There is one game-play feature that truly makes this game as good as it is. The building feature in Fortnite allows players to craft walls, platforms, traps, and even make their own bases. Being able to do this easily and while mobile makes the game have another level of depth while leaving room for tons of fun to be had with the building mechanic. The fact that the game allows you to play with up to four of your friends makes it even more addicting, not to mention makes the game spread at an immeasurable pace.

Fortnite takes a simple game idea and puts their own unique spin on it. When your friends are doing something you want to be included, it’s human nature, and Fortnite plays on this. People all over, not just Stamford High are being snared by Fortnite and after seeing all the game has to offer it’s not difficult to see why.

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