SHS Alumni Chris O’Neill Hosts “Knight of Cabaret”

Kelly Wargo , Staff Writer

On Saturday December 23, the Stamford High drama club hosted their annual fundraiser, “Knight of Cabaret.” It was a performance including students, alumni, and even graduates from other high schools in the Fairfield County. The director of the performance was Thomas DeSalvo, who is also the SHS drama club director. Desalvo showed praise for the event saying, “We had a great variety of acts and had over 200 people attend the evening.” The host of the night was Chris O’Neill, a graduate from Stamford High and a broadway performer best known for his starring role in Book of Mormon. He was an engaging host and got people excited for the show.

Each performer brought a new form of excitement for the crowd with their own talent. There were singing acts, dancing acts, and even musical performances. One of the performers, Shayna Druckman, a junior at Stamford High, performed a dance routine with Nicole Henkel another SHS junior. Druckman described the performance as a lot of fun, adding that it was “a great experience for people to show off their talent.”

Another performance was by juniors Sydney Rubin and Cara Grasso, who were joined by Laura Piacenza. They all sang a song called “I Know It’s Today” from the movie Shrek. “It was a really great experience to be able to perform on stage with Laura Piacenza,” Rubin said.

Watching the performances, it was easy to see that the performers were enjoying their opportunity to share their special talent with other people. This performance was a very successful fundraiser for the Drama Club as they were able to raise just under $5,000 through ticket sales.