No Shave November is Done – Vote by Friday!

Ross Green and Danielle Nugent

At the end of No Shave November, the participants had full faces of hair, but only the one with the most hair will come out on top. Two of our Round Table reporters spoke with two participants: history teacher Douglas Maclehose and physical education teacher Stephen Buckett. We asked them how they thought they did at the end of the competition. Maclehose told us, “Well, I hope I did well, but I have no control over that unless students want to go out and vote for me. I was glad to do it and glad that it’s over. It’s nice to see people look at the beard and recognize what it’s for. It also saved me 5 or 10 minutes in the morning.”

Then we went over to the weight room to ask Mr. Buckett how he thought he did.  Buckett said, “ I think based on shape, color variation, and overall thickness, I should be a frontrunner here. Although I wouldn’t doubt it if someone who could barely grow a mustache would win the competition for the second year in a row.” All of the participants are still waiting very patiently to see who wins the competition for a great cause. Be sure to vote right here at by Friday December 8!