Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2


Matthew Eldredge, Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

The sequel to James Gunn’s delightful original, manages to retain its charm and kept its audiences smiling from beginning to end. The film follows the  intergalactic journey of the guardians crew, plus a few new additions.The plot takes several twists and turns, but ultimately comes down to two major parts. The groups known as the Sovereign and the Ravagers, are set out to track down the Guardians; just as Chris Pratt playing the main character “Star Lord” reunites with his long lost father known as Ego, played by a fantastic Kurt Russell. The plot is not anything special but gets the job done for a superhero film. However, the lacking originality of the plot is well covered by the outstanding cast of characters.

Star lord is the head of the team, and is a well rounded character. His sarcastic manner keeps him lively and fun to watch as he journeys through space. Rocket Raccoon, is a fan favorite of the guardian squad. His continuous taunting of the enemies no matter the situation, and goofy arguments with other members of the Guardians make him impossible to not adore. On top of that, the fact that he is a raccoon with a rocket launcher, arguably makes him just as bad ass as he is comical. Baby Groot continues to have all the charm as Groot from the first Guardians’ movie, but also adds tons of charm and cuteness to the cast. Groot may be gone, but Baby Groot does a solid job of filling the void. Baby Groot still keeps his limited vocabulary to, “I am Groot”, as he did in the previous films, and to no one’s surprise it still works. The overall diversity in the personalities of the cast is what makes them so great. They are all unique and each bring something different to the table which keeps the film from getting stale.

The filmwork showcased in the introduction scene is nothing that I have ever seen in any other piece of film before. The camera angles make everything seem almost 3-d, and this spectacular work continues on throughout the film. Also the varying landscapes that the guardian’s travel to, are all quite well put together. The costumes look very impressive, as many of them look fairly complex. The hard work that must have been put into the presentation definitely shows. The soundtrack is a close second for being the most memorable part of the film behind the cast. Every song falls into the category of 80’s classic rock. You would never think that that genre of music could pair with a superhero movie, but “Guardians of the Galaxy” has proven that assumption wrong. Space creatures battling it out to classic rock has never been more perfect. Some might ask, if everyone knows that the heroes are always going to come out the victors, why would people keep watching the movies? The short answer is that it’s the characters.

Despite the plot being somewhat lackluster, the characters more than make up for it. They are humorable, unique and simply entertaining. The film does a great job in not only catering towards fans of comics and superheroes, but also manages to make the movie enjoyable and appealing to those who may not care for superheroes as much. The only way I see anyone disliking this movie would be if someone was anticipating a movie containing a deep meaningful plot with serious characters. Other than that, the film undoubtedly suits anyone looking for some laughs and fun.