More Than Permanent Ink

Evelyn Menendez, Staff Writer

Tattoos are very common in this generation, especially in America’s youth. Nowadays many have accepted tattoos; they’re viewed as a form of body art and a way to express themselves. But, just as people have accepted and enjoy tattoos, there are still people who don’t approve of them and misjudge them. These people see tattoos as being a negative trend in society and don’t agree that they are form of expression.  Many criticize that tattoos are very unprofessional and aren’t classy, but what many of these people don’t understand is that many of the people who have tattoos usually have gotten it with a significant meaning behind it. That is why I took the time to interview some students and my Spanish teacher at Stamford High about their story of their tattoos.


Olivia Mendoza (11th grade):

Tattoo #2

Olivia has a tattoo located on her right arm with an inspirational quote saying, “Survive for the best, never settle for the less” followed with the date of her father’s death in roman numerals and hearts. She got this tattoo in memory of her dad and picked that quote because it’s one of her favorites. She got it in September 2015 with the permission of her mom and has no regret of getting it because it’s a way to always remember her father and to go for the best and never settle for less.


Rachel Soto (12th grade):

Tattoo #1

Rachel has two tattoos, one of them is on the left side of her ribs saying “spooky” and the other one is on her right arm near her bicep of a waxing gibbous moon.  Rachel got the “spooky” tattoo in inspiration of her love of Halloween and horror movies; she got it earlier this year. The tattoo of the waxing gibbous moon was a matching tattoo with her boyfriend at the time, in November 2015 , when he was passing through a tough time in the hospital. Rachel got both tattoos with the consent of her mother who even brought her to the tattoo shop, Ink Side Out in Norwalk, CT. Although Rachel and her boyfriend are not together at the moment she has no regret in having her matching tattoo because it remained as a memory.


Charles Brane (12th Grade):

Tattoo #5Tattoo #4Tattoo #3



Charles has 3 tattoos; one located on his right arm and the other two on his left arm. The tattoo on his right arm is the name of his Grandma, “Sandra”, followed by a diamond. The other tattoo is of his guardian’s name, “ Olivia”, with two red roses and the third is the date of when his baby cousin passed away. All of Charles’ tattoos represent someone special in his family and someone who he cares for very much. Although Charles didn’t ask any of his guardians for permission to get any of the tattoos, they didn’t have a problem with him getting them. Charles also commented that he believes that anybody can do anything with their own skin and therefore no one should judge anyone for having tattoos; that decision lies in your hands and will.


Mrs. Cedeno (Spanish Teacher) :

tattoo #6

Mrs. Cedeno has tattoo of a Chinese symbol that stands for love. She got this as a reminder to always love herself, value herself and life. Mrs. Cedeno got her tattoo when she was 21 years old, about 25 years ago, on her lower back. Although Mrs. Cedeno was over the legal age when she got her tattoo, she never told her mom about it and till this day has hidden it from her. As we can see, her mother wasn’t a big fan of tattoos. Mrs. Cedano has one regret about her tattoo though: the fact that she barely gets to see the tattoo and wishes she could see it more often. Her opinion on tattoos is that anyone should be allowed to do whatever they please as long as they aren’t harming others, they should be allowed to express themselves in any form and not feel judged. She also commented that she will allow her daughter to get a tattoo if she ever wants one.

As we can see many of the tattoos people see as unprofessional and not classy, usually have a significant meaning behind them. No one should ever feel or be judged of this type of body art. Tattoos are a form of expression and they should be respected.