Slide the City comes to Stamford

Annie Archer, Staff Writer

The World famous “Slide the City” event is coming to Stamford on July 26, 2015. Slide the City is an organization that lays down 1000 feet of vinyl on streets, equaling the length of over 3 football fields.  This family-friendly event provides live music, food, and drink for all sliders. The event has been held mostly in mid-western cities in the past such as Kansas City and Wichita, but it’s making its way to the east this summer.

The slip ‘n’ slide is going to be stretched across Prospect Street between Hoyt Street and Latham Park in downtown Stamford. The hilly terrain will ensure a thrilling ride, as thousands of people ride on top of colorful tubes provided by the organization. Registering is quick, easy, and cheap if you follow the simple steps provided on their website.

You can either be a single, triple or unlimited slider. Being a single slider allows you to slide one time throughout the day. With this option, you receive a draw string bag, a tattoo and a mouth guard. Registration starts at 10 dollars and will continue to increase as the day of the event approaches, as the day of registration fee is 24 dollars. Being a triple slider entitles you to three rides throughout the day and you also receive all the same freebies as the single slider with a bonus of a complementary inflatable tube. Registration starts at 15 dollars, and day of registration is 24 dollars as well.  An unlimited rider has full access to the massive slide all throughout the day, as well as an hour before it opens and an hour after it closes. Along with all the other goodies, you will also receive a t-shirt and hat. Registration begins at 45 dollars and day of registration is 65 dollars.

Summer’s right around the corner, and Slide the City is a great opportunity to cool off, have fun, and make a great memory! Deadlines are approaching fast, so get online and register to slide across Stamford.