Top 10 Fantasy Football Players of 2016


Julius Page and Kevin Vicinus, Staff Writer

2016 was a great year for the NFL. Many players rose to the top and were recognized as the best. This list is here to tell you about the top 10 best players of the year for Fantasy Football, in both standard and PPR (Points Per Reception) leagues.


  1. David Johnson

David Johnson, RB for the Arizona Cardinals. Johnson was definitely a player to have on your roster this season. He averaged 20.7 points a game in standard leagues and 25.7 points per game in PPR leagues. He was able to do this by rushing 1,239 yards on only 293 attempts. With that being said, he also has a total of 16 rushing touchdowns. If that’s not enough for you, he also had a total of 80 receptions averaging 11 yards per catch. With those receptions he was able to acquire 879 receiving yards and 4 receiving touchdowns.

      2. Ezekiel Elliott

Next on the list is rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott for the Dallas Cowboys.The star rookie Elliott averaged 19.7 points in standard leagues and 21.8 points in PPR leagues per game. He got 1,631 rushing yards on 322 attempts with 15 touchdowns. On top of that he also had 32 receptions, averaging 11.3 yards per catch. He was able to finish with 363 receiving yards and 1 receiving touchdown.

      3. Le’veon Bell

Third on the list is Pittsburg Steelers RB Le’veon Bell, averaging 20.2 points in standard leagues and 26.5 points per game in PPR leagues. He had 1,268 rushing yards on 261 attempts and 7 rushing touchdowns. He also had 616 receiving yards on 75 receptions and averaged 8.2 yards per catch. With that he also was able to get 2 receiving touchdowns. Image result for le'veon bell

      4. Odell Beckham

Fourth on the list is none other than New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. who avImage result for odell beckhameraged 12.4 points in standard leagues and 18.7 points per game in PPR leagues. Odell had 1,367 yards on 101 receptions and averaged 13.5 yards per catch. With that, he was also able to attain a total of 10 touchdowns.

      5. Melvin Gordon

Fifth is Melvin Gordon, RB for the San Diego Chargers. Due to his heavy workload this year he was able to average 16.4 points in standard leagues and 19.6 points per game in PPR leagues. He had a total of 997 rushing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns on 254 attempts. He also obtained 419 receiving yards on 41 receptions and was able to get 2 receiving touchdowns by averaging 10.2 yards per catch.

       6. Antonio Brown

Weighing in 6th on the list is Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown. Brown put up an average of 13.4 points in standard leagues and 20.5 points in PPR leagues. Brown led the steelers with 106 receptions and just over 1200 receiving yards, averaging 12 yards a catch. Brown’s 12 touchdowns this year cemented him as a great big play receiver, and he remains as one of the most reliable players in fantasy football every year.Image result for antonio brown

       7. LeGarrette Blount

Seventh on the list is Patriots big RB, LeGarrette Blount. Blount averaged about 14 points a game among all formats of fantasy football.  Blount was very trustworthy every Image result for legarrette blountweek for fantasy owners because he led all rushers in TDs with 18. He also had his career high in rushing yards with 1,161 averaging 4 yards a carry along the way.  

       8. Jordan Howard

Sitting in at number 8 for the best fantasy football players of 2016 is Chicago Bears rookie RB Jordan Howard. Howard averaged 13.5 points in standard leagues along with 15.5 in PPR leagues. Howard’s 1,313 yards which are second in the NFL along with 7 total TDs all came from later in the season which was helpful for fantasy owners for late playoff runs.

       9. Julio Jones

Next on the list is star WR of the Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones. Jones dealt with some injury issues this year but in the 14 games he did play he was, for the most part, a threat at all times. Jones was second in the league in receiving yards and even missed two games. He averaged12.6 points in standard leagues and 18.6 in PPR. Jones had only 83 catches this yImage result for julio jonesear which is 53 less than last year, but a down year for Jones is still amongst the top in the league showing how valuable he is in fantasy.

       10.  Aaron Rodgers

Last but not least is the only QB on the list, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers led all QBs in fantasy points per game with 24.9, and led the league with passing TDs with 40. Rodgers only had 7 interceptions this years and none in the last 7 games. Rodgers also got many points rushing the ball as he had 369 yards on 5.5 yards per carry along with an impressive 4 TDs.       

Image result for aaron rodgers