Girls Basketball Season Wrap-Up

Lady Knights in their pre-game huddle.

Kaitlyn Hutter

Lady Knights in their pre-game huddle.

Kaitlyn Hutter, Staff Writer

The girls’ basketball team finished their season with an outstanding record of 19-5 making it into both FCIACs and States. In their first round of FCIACs, they lost to a competitive team, Ridgefield, who ended up becoming FCIAC champions. In their third round of States, the team lost to Wilton.

When Coach Burns was asked how she thought the season went, the one word that she immediately responded with was “proud”. Last year, the team graduated five seniors, four of whom were starters. Although the team lost four of their top players, they unexpectedly improved their overall record. This was also a very successful season because they won their first city title in 16 years and went further in States than any other team since the 1970s. “They came together as a team, and they were a fun team to coach,” said Burns.

The starting line-up included Senior Britney Moise, Senior Oriana Merone, Junior Tiana England, Junior Mackenzie Brown, and Freshman Alexa Kellner. One player that particularly stood out was Tiana England. She was All-State her sophomore year and her leadership this season really held the team together. Camile Martinez was a key player to the team her sophomore year. Last year as a freshman, Martinez didn’t play on varsity, but she really proved herself this year and was able to play in many varsity games. The team had two seniors, Britney Moise and Oriana Merone who were both hard workers and were great role models for the team.

Burns’s proudest moment of the season was how far the team had come and accomplished from their first game to their last game in states. “The team has made huge improvements, huge strides, and I was very proud of them overall,” said Burns. She has one main goal for the team next year…WIN IT ALL! The team is bringing back everyone but two players, and she is eager to bring up JV players to varsity. The girls were able to get a taste of FCIACs and they were right up there with the other teams.

Next year, the girls’ basketball team will come back ready to go for another great season.