Lacomis Officially Named Varsity Baseball Head Coach

Lacomis Officially Named Varsity Baseball Head Coach

Teddy Marantz, Staff Writer

On Thursday, August 21st, Stamford High English teacher Fred Kelley stepped down from his position as head coach of the varsity boys’ baseball team for the Black Knights. Since then, rumors of who would be taking over for Kelley traveled from other members of the Stamford High faculty to people outside of Stamford high.

However, after just under six months of waiting, Stamford High athletic director Jim Moriarty has made it official that Stamford PE/health teacher Richard Lacomis will be taking over the varsity baseball head coaching duties for the Black Knights.

Lacomis, 37, has been with the Stamford baseball program for 13 years. “I’m very excited to be named head coach of the baseball program,” Lacomis said. “I have been in it for the past 13 seasons and I look forward to developing our program into one of the best in the FCIACs.”

The Round Table asked popular sportswriter and editor of The Ruden Report, Dave Ruden, whether he thought Moriarty made the right move by finally hiring Lacomis as head coach, Ruden replied, “I think the way the process played out it came down to Rit getting the job. He’s put in a lot of years with the program and I hope he does a good job.”

Ruden also said he thought the hiring process was handled appropriately. “While ultimately a principal makes the final call on the hiring of a head coach, philosophically I believe, unless there are unusual circumstances, that they should follow the recommendations of the athletic director,” he said.

Ruden also explained that in many cases there will be a search committee for a big hiring. “That is also a good way to get a broader view in vetting and finding the best candidate,” he said.

With the high school baseball season set to get underway in just over a month, many will say it’s about time Stamford High made the decision to bring in Lacomis. Then, of course others may disagree with the decision.

Lacomis will have the chance to prove those people wrong this spring as the Black Knights will have a lot of talent on the roster including slugger Tyler Serricchio, who made an appearance on the 2014 All-FCIAC central division team, and  seniors Dan Robushi and Billy Devito, who were awarded honorable mention for the same team.