Chipotle Alternatives

Teddy Marantz, Sports Editor

In recent months, the popular Mexican food chain Chipotle Mexican Grille has been under serious fire due to its link to multiple E. coli outbreaks. These outbreaks have led to many allegations against Chipotle. As of now, the outbreaks continue to wreak havoc on Chipotle locations around the country.

The worst part is that it doesn’t stop with E. coli. Recently, one of their locations in Boston was shut down after an outbreak of a norovirus caused around 140 cases of gastrointestinal illness. Want to travel further back? In September, Minnesota health officials found that tomatoes were the cause of a salmonella outbreak that was linked to the chain.

The question is simple: Is Chipotle even worth eating?

There are plenty of places, particularly in Stamford, for one to get Mexican food that is just as delicious. In downtown Stamford at Tomatillo Taco Joint, you can build yourself a burrito, taco salad, burrito bowl or tacos with fresher ingredients. Even Sierra Grille on High Ridge Road offers fresher ingredients than Chipotle, made for you at the same speed and costing you around the same price.

With all the alternative options to Chipotle, it also doesn’t help that every day more people fear eating at their restaurants.  So, is it fair to be scared of eating Chipotle? Personally, I have avoided Chipotle ever since the first outbreaks. Why eat somewhere that can potentially make you sick, when Stamford has plenty of alternatives that offer fresher, and uninfected, ingredients for the same price?

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