Veterans Overlooked Too Often

Gissel Campos, Editor-in-Chief

As we approach Thanksgiving and begin to think about what we are grateful for, it is important to remember that we enjoy freedoms that not everyone around the world can. It is, then, also important to remember the men and women who have fought, and continue to fight, for our rights, and regard them with respect and gratitude.


The heroes who work to protect our country are not always easy to spot in a crowd. They do not don capes or masks. They do not stand out, obviously and dramatically, from everyone else, but they are in our community. They may not be as flashy as the heroes we see on the big screen, but they are heroic and so deserve to be recognized and appreciated.


Too often, veterans are overlooked when we are offering thanks. Too often, they return home and their efforts are forgotten. We neglect our own duty to receive them with a welcoming gesture and instead let them fade into the background of mundane life – but no more.


To all the veterans who served so courageously – thank you. To all the brave warriors who are serving now – your work will not go unnoticed; and to the rest of us who are able to live in a free nation – remember to honor our veterans, not just today, but whenever possible.