Magee’s Curbside Diner is a Delight


Photo by Annie Archer

Annie Archer, Staff Writer

Elm Street has always been the premier diner of Shippan for as long as I can remember. You couldn’t go in on a Sunday morning without seeing a familiar face from the neighborhood. However  there’s a new diner that recently opened on Magee Avenue that could give Elm Street a run for its money.

Curbside Diner is a little place tucked in the corner of the street next to a repair shop. The face of the building is covered with huge painted sunflowers giving off a rather friendly and positive vibe.

The inside is just one small room, with a counter where you order, a self-service table with various types of coffee, and several scattered tables. I ordered the Nutella waffle.

My food came in decent time, and it was absolutely beautiful. It was easily the most photogenic waffle I had ever seen. There were four waffles stacked on top of each other- each one sticking together with a thick layer of Nutella. On the top waffle rested perfectly sliced strawberries, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, and finally a little American flag attached to a toothpick.

My meal tasted as good as it looked and was by far the best waffle I have ever had. From my experience at Curbside Diner, I can confidently say that it will become my number one Sunday brunch spot and I’ll most definitely be getting the Nutella waffle again.