Haunted House Fundraiser Recap

Video by Matt Valenti

Karina Davila

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On Oct. 30, the Senior Class hosted the second annual Haunted House at Stamford High School. Participants were able to experience the horrifically cool walk leading from the seventh floor hallway to the end of the new gym.  The number of SHS students who came out to support the event wasn’t nearly as high as the class officers expected.


Class Advisor Jeremy White said, “It is difficult to talk about bringing prom ticket prices down and the lack of school spirit, but those things are in the hands of the students of the high school.”  This has been a frustrating situation because the senior class expects many things, but they do not come out to support the social events that the class officers put together.


The profit that was made was beneficial, although there was a greater expectation from the officers, according to Senior Class President Daniel Altamura. Senior Mariel Barocas expressed her disappointment on the overall turnout of SHS students, saying, “After all, we are doing this all for them.”


Other than Saturday’s haunted house, The class of 2017 has also hosted other fundraisers, such as: movie night at the Stamford’s State Cinema, the sale of Donut Delight discount cards and the sale of “Black Knight Bred” t-shirts.  This year we are all hoping for a bigger turnout for the remaining events, so come out and support SHS class of ‘17!

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