Sony Pictures Cancels Release of “The Interview”

Sony Pictures Cancels Release of The Interview

Klara Hoherchak, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Sony Pictures canceled the release of “The Interview” after a hack devastated the company and threats of violent attacks against theater-goers.  The U.S. is ready to blame North Korea for this hack, as the studio announced Wednesday that they would cancel the premiere scheduled for next week.

“The Interview”, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is a comedy about the assassination of Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea.

Investigators say an announcement blaming North Korea for the hack could surface by Thursday already.  U.S. officials believe that the hack was ordered directly by North Korean leadership since the country is known for its restrictive regulations on the Internet.  This idea is supported by the fact that, according to experts on the country, they have spent resources on a unit called “Bureau 121” to carry out cyber-attacks.  Though North Korea has denied the attack, if they really were behind it, it would show improved tactics from those used in previous hacks.

Last year, South Korea had reported attacks on computer systems at television broadcasters and banks.  According to the South Korean Ministry of Science, investigations found that the codes used in the attacks were similar to those used by North Korea in the past.  North Korea denied this attack, just like it denied the recent one on Sony Pictures.

After hackers threatened whoever goes to see the movie in a statement referencing the attacks of 9/11, all of the major theater companies in America said they were planning on either delaying or canceling the movie premiere. This led to Sony pulling the movie altogether.

Many people are angered at movie theaters and Sony Pictures for pulling the movie due to an unknown threat.  Judd Apatow, a film producer, tweeted on Wednesday “I think it is disgraceful that these theaters are not showing The Interview. Will they pull any movie that gets an anonymous threat now?”