Valentine and Nordin: “The Answer Is No”

Donna Valentine and Roth Nordin will not return to Stamford High School

Superintendent Dr. Winifred Hamilton announced at a press conference held at 2:00 pm on December 15 at the Stamford Government Center that “the answer is no;” Donna Valentine and Roth Nordin will not be returning to Stamford High School.

Hamilton expressed that she is “disappointed and outraged” by the situation as a whole and feels that “it is in the best interest of our community for [Valentine and Nordin] not to return to Stamford High.” Hamilton added that as superintendent she has “the right to involuntarily transfer administrators” under the collective bargaining agreement.

Superintendent Dr. Winifred Hamilton speaks at press conference.
Photo by Mike Nunziante
Superintendent Dr. Winifred Hamilton speaks at press conference.

There will be an investigation conducted under the supervision of Judge Robert Holzberg from the firm Pullman & Comley, LLC on behalf of the City of Stamford. According to City of Stamford Director of Legal Affairs Kathryn Emmett, the investigation will determine whether “any staff, teachers, school administrators and/or Board of Education staff, including the superintendent’s office, failed to comply with state and federal laws and board of education policies and procedures governing mandated reporters.” Emmett stated that the investigation should be concluded within 60-75 days, at which point a full written report will be made public.

Superintendent Hamilton also mentioned that English teacher Danielle Watkins, since accepting a guilty plea after participating in a sexual relationship with a Stamford High School student, will have her status changed to unpaid leave. Her situation will be reported to the commissioner of education and the revocation of her teaching license will be requested.

Board of Education President Jackie Heftman added: “Due to the fact that this is an evolving situation, we have no further details, but will keep you updated on any developments, as warranted.”