What’s Changed? Checking in on the Sophomore Class

Emma Smith, Staff-Writer

Being a sophomore is a lot different from being a freshman. Things are different in many different ways. We interviewed two sophomores about how they feel sophomore year is different than their freshman year.


The Round Table: Is sophomore year more challenging than your freshman year so far?

Sydney Leeds and a friend at a sports camp during the summer.
Sydney Leeds and a friend at a sports camp during the summer.

Delfina Umpierrez: So far it has been. It’s just going to take time to adjust to having new teachers and their ways of teaching which may be different than some of the teachers I had last year.

Sydney Leeds: Yes, it’s more challenging because teachers and even students have higher expectations for you.


TRT: Has the school workload increased?

DU: Yes, I’ve had a large amount of work compared to last year. It’s just been more challenging too, but I’ve adjusted to the amount I get each night and it’s made it easier to use my time wisely to make sure I get it all done.

SL: Not too much of an increase but the work is more challenging and takes more time than usual.


Delfina Umpirez and a friend over summer break.
Delfina Umpierrez and a friend over summer break.

TRT: Do you still get treated like a freshman, or have you come to realize why upperclassmen complain about the freshmen each year?

DU: I never really experienced being a “freshman” but I guess being an underclassman is still the same treatment, you’re just actually not an annoying freshman! I totally understand why everyone complains about the freshmen.  Not being one now and having others in the building that are just learning their way around makes it pretty easy to know why everyone doesn’t like the freshmen each year.

SL: Yes, because I’m still an underclassman but I can totally see where students get their dislike for freshmen.


TRT: Did freshman year go by quickly?

DU: Yes, it did go by fast. I remember wishing for summer all the time and wanting school to end but then once summer came, it went by so quickly!

SL: Freshman year went by so fast and I feel like playing two sports made it go by even quicker! Once those seasons were done it kind of made the whole school year go by faster!


TRT: What was your favorite part of your freshman year?

DU: My favorite part of freshman year was meeting new people and making new friends

SL: I think my favorite part of freshman year was playing sports considering all the friends I made because of it. But also playing with the girls on the team made my freshman year a great experience because they were so welcoming and comforting.


TRT: Do you like freshman or sophomore year better so far?

DU: So far I’m really enjoying sophomore year. You come in knowing what it’s like and it makes it a lot easier because you know your way around the school and you know what teachers expect so really just having new teachers and classes is the biggest thing that makes a difference.

SL: So far, freshman year was better because the work wasn’t as much and everything kind of came together slowly. Now it’s all been thrown at us at once which made it a little more challenging.