A Closer Look at Mr. Bass

Justin Wexler, Contributor

Mr. Rodney Bass poses in the school cafeteria
Kayla Gioielli
Mr. Rodney Bass poses in the school cafeteria

Justin Wexler, contributing author to The Round Table, sat down with interim principal Rodney Bass. Here’s what they talked about:


TRT: Do you plan on making any changes to Stamford High while you are here?

Bass: I was told from Stamford’s superintendent that I’m on a day-to-day schedule and to go along with the routine.  Also, to only make changes as things occur.  We’re waiting for a permanent replacement.


TRT: Is there anything that Stamford High did when you were principal before that you would like to see brought back?

Bass: Provide a better educational experience for kids.  Education is the most important thing to me, and I want to make school the best six or seven hours of a student’s day.


TRT: What is your favorite Stamford High Memory?

Bass: In ’09, when all the sports were doing really well. We were FCIAC champs in basketball, had a good football team, we were state champs for field hockey. It was Moriarty’s first year.


TRT: Who is your favorite other administrator?

Bass: I have good chemistry with the other administrators; I work with the team.


TRT: Have you ever gotten lost in Stamford High?

Bass: Yes, the worst is going from the soccer field to the front office.


TRT: If you had to get one thing from the vending machine, what would you get?

Bass: Pretzels; I like the salty crunchy combo.


TRT: How long do you plan on staying at Stamford High for?

Bass: No timeline.


TRT: If you weren’t here right know what would you be doing?

Bass: Fishing, probably.


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