Newest Version Of Sherlock Holmes Dissapoints


Danielle Nugent, Staff Writer

Etan Cohen’s comedic film, Holmes and Watson, is based on the story of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes but has been made into somewhat of a parody. Detective Sherlock Holmes (Will Ferrell) and his best friend/sidekick Dr. John Watson (John C. Reilly) are assigned to a case that involves catching the man who is threatening to kill the queen. The movie takes viewers through the journey and clues that lead up to finding the victim. Along the way, they meet some people and have some interesting encounters.

Even though the storyline seems quite serious, the director inserts many gags and jokes throughout to make it more bearable for viewers to sit there and watch the hour and a half film. If you are a diehard Sherlock Holmes fan, you probably would not enjoy this film since it was made to almost make fun of the whole story.

This movie had very high expectations since Ferrell and Reilly have worked together before and starred in the hit movie Step Brothers. However, this film was nothing compared to the work the pair did in Step Brothers. The actors did their best they could do with the script that was written, but it still wasn’t enough to be able to call this movie “good”. Ferrell did portray a parody version of Sherlock Holmes quite well, actually, and had a couple of funny lines and scenes, as did Reilly.

This film is getting a bad rap and isn’t a fan favorite amongst most. Even though this film has been nominated for a Razzie, also known as the awards for the worst movies to come out of Hollywood, and has been proclaimed as, “the worst of the worst,” by USA Today, it is a funny, light-hearted film that is good to watch when you want to pass the time away or are in need of a chuckle.

No matter how much people are slamming it right now, it was definitely watchable, but I wouldn’t sit through the film again. It is definitely not worth the $11 you would pay at the theater, so if you still want to see this film, save your money and watch it at home.


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