Book Review: The Name of the Wind

Book Review: The Name of the Wind

Zoie Chan, Staff Writer

Enjoy the fiction genre and are eagerly anticipating the last season of Game of Thrones?

Utilize that time staring at the season eight countdown timer to read another series whose final installment can’t come quickly enough: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

Although the size of the novel seems quite daunting, it is a worthy read to devote your time to. With a new take on magic unlike anything seen in Harry Potter, and a fraction of the names, Patrick Rothfuss delivers an insanely entertaining book that may or may not cause you to skip a full day of school to binge read the second installment in one day.

The book’s star is Kvothe, the owner of the Waystone Inn. He is a musician with roots in the Edema Ruh troupe that sports almost as many names as Daenerys Targaryen. He tells his story throughout three days, with each book being one day of storytelling. Two books are currently out at the moment, and while the third book may never come out in this century, they are still worth reading. You can follow his journey throughout his childhood to his time at the University, a magic school comparable to Hogwarts. Read the lore featured within Kvothe’s story and form intricate theories out of your inevitable insatiable hunger for the third and final book. Enjoy the people and creatures shown in his story. Explore the wonders of denner resin. Appreciate the novel phrases presented to you with no background information.

Just don’t stop reading until page 125.