Bands to Add to Your Playlists

Bands to Add to Your Playlists

Danielle Forrest, staff writer

Don’t you hate constantly listening to the same music and when trying to find new music, never knowing where to look? I definitely can relate. I’ve spent so many hours constantly looking for new music to add to my playlist. If you want to try listening to a new music genre or just need some new bands to listen to, then keep reading to learn about some of my personal favorite indie pop, alternative rock, indie rock artist and bands. I even recommend some of my favorite songs by the five bands to help you out even more!


  1. Wallows

A three-piece indie rock that was started in Los Angeles by Dylan Minnette, Cole Preston, and  Braeden Lemasters. A fun fact about one of the group’s vocalists, Dylan Minnette, is that he’s one of the well-known lead characters in the popular Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. They currently don’t have much music released besides their EP Spring and a couple of singles. Some of my personal favorite songs that I would recommend would be “1980s Horror Film,” “Pulling Leaves off Trees,” and “Pleaser.”


  1. Catfish and the Bottlemen

This alternative rock band was started in Wales, United Kingdom and has grown to be very well known in the United Kingdom. Their first album, The Balcony, was very successful. It was on the “Top 10” on the UK Album Charts, the album even was certified gold. The band is composed of Van McCann, Johnny Bond, Bob Hall, and Benji Blakeway. Some of my favorites songs by them are “ Cocoon,” “Pacifier,” “Postpone,” and “Glasgow.”


  1. The Kooks

This British indie rock/Britpop band was started in Brighton, England. Most of the band’s albums have been on the “Top 10” UK Album Charts and two of their albums have even been certified platinum and gold. The band has been recognized greatly throughout the UK and has been very successful over their 10 years together as a band. In 2017, the band even came out with an album that was composed of their top hit and b-side songs for their anniversary of 10 years as a band. My favorite songs from The Kooks are “ Eddie’s Gun,”  “Naive,” “Westside,” and “Always Where I Need To Be.”


  1. The 1975

This band is very well known in the United Kingdom and is now also becoming pretty popular in the United States by being headliners at popular festivals like Coachella and The Governor’s Ball. The 1975 is considered to be pop rock and indie rock. The band consists of Matty Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel. The 1975 has three albums so far which are their self-titled The 1975, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, and A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. My favorite songs by them are “Robbers,” “Antichrist,” “Loving Someone,” “ Love It If We Made It,” and “I Couldn’t Be More In Love.”


  1. The Neighbourhood

This alternative rock and indie pop band is well known for their 2013 summer hit song “Sweater Weather.” The band contains four members: Jesse Rutherford, Mikey Margott, Zach Abels, Brandon Fried, and Jeremy Freedmen. Their music and sound have changed a bit through the years, especially in their newest album, but has a sound that you can quickly grow to love so much. Some of my personal favorite songs by them have been “$ting,” “Single,” “Stuck with Me,” and “ Alleyways.” If you turn out to love The Neighbourhood, I also recommend you go experience them in concert because I have had the ability to see them twice, and both times they put on the best performance I’ve been too.


Hopefully, after reading this and listening to these five bands I’ve recommended, you will have a lot more music to add to your new playlist. If this type of music genre isn’t your regular taste then I hope I was able to help you try out something new! Who knows, maybe one day you will see one of these bands in concert one day because you grew to love them so much!