Does the newest Halloween live up to its past installments?

Hana Redzepagic, staff writer

The ninth installment of the Halloween movie franchise premiered last week in theaters just in time for the holiday, and it’s safe to say Michael Myers was as disturbing as the last time we saw him in 2002, thanks to director David Gordon Green.

In this movie, Myers (Nick Castle) escapes from his mental facility after the transport bus he was on crashes and the patients are let loose. After years locked up, he goes on a killing spree, and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is ready for it. She has spent years training her and her daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), for the day he would be free. On Halloween night, everything changes for them and their family.

Throughout the Halloween movies, Myers has had one objective: find his estranged sister, Laurie, and kill her. He has made his way through many victims just to fulfill this quest, and Laurie knows this. He is portrayed as a mysterious and dangerous man who would do anything just to accomplish his twisted desires. In the first ever film released in 1978, Myers kills his older sister when he is only a child and is committed to a sanitarium until he is 21. After he escapes, he terrorizes communities in the search for Laurie. This movie is considered a classic, and evidence of this can be seen with countless other horror films mirroring it after it’s release.

The best thing about this entire movie, in my opinion, was the intense moments that would slowly begin to play the infamous Halloween theme song. You would hear it begin right at the climax of the events, and end by the time the hype died down. With steady humor and constant idiotic decisions made by the characters, this movie may even be considered a comedy by some. As expected, this movie is definitely graphic as well, showing people’s heads bashed in and eyes gouged out every time there was a death. The cinematography kept people on the edge of their seats, with consistent shots back and forth between Myers and his victims.

My overall opinion of this film was that it was fairly average. It was overhyped and honestly, the past ones are better. It was more of a thriller than a horror movie, with jump scares here and there. If you have seen the past Halloween movies, I recommend you do see this one. If not, don’t waste your bread, even if it is on a Tuesday.


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