Active Shooter Scare at SHS

Ruth Reynolds


Ruth Reynolds and Patrick Zielinski

At 8:55 a.m.  October 21, 2022, Stamford High School received a false claim that there was an active shooter loose in the building. The Stamford Police Department responded to the threat immediately and surrounded the school.

Strawberry Hill was blocked off and traffic was rerouted away from the building. The school was locked down, and the staff and students followed all protocols to ensure the safety of Stamford High. Stamford Police also decided to lock down all Stamford Public Schools as a safety precaution. The Stamford SWAT team arrived to sweep the school, and at 9:30 a.m. they determined that the report was false. Soon after no threat was identified, the lockdowns were lifted, classes resumed, and parents were notified.

A great response by the Stamford Police Department allowed our students and staff to feel safe during this troubling time. This was a horrific experience for all Black Knights and we are proud of the strength it took to get through this. The outcome of this event was positive, though everyone can hope we never have to experience it again. Reporter Ruth Reynolds spoke to students and staff about the ordeal.