Smiles Behind The Masks

A Tribute to the Class of 2021


Miguel de la Cruz, SHS Security Guard

We cannot see your smiles, but we can feel your warm feelings—wishing us the best on graduation. Social distances we feel a mile from the ones we love. We smile behind the mask, hiding what we feel.

Graduation day is different—but what we see are the stories of the class of 2021. We will tell the next generation about our graduation. Why was it different?

Four years ago, fresh smiling faces, freshmen learning to navigate the halls of Stamford High. Six to one, five to seven, no one can make sense of the floors—life lessons walking the halls of Stamford High. Not all made sense, but follow the path, and it will take you on the journey of life. Easy as 1,2,3, or is it 5,6,1? No one has the answers to life’s questions—we just live life.

Covid 19 changed all our lives in one moment. What do we take from Covid 19? This is my perception. We grew up fast—and this virus brought a year of tears for many. Fear of the unknown, I know when the time came to challenge Covid 19—we did. We hid our smiles behind a mask. We smiled behind the mask and went to class. Distance learning miles from school but still had to go to class. New task with a mask, blue and green days, those were the days.

Senior year and goals in hand—our plans changed, but our goals remained the same.

Life moves in one direction—forward. It does not care for our plans. Covid 19 changed our plans. Wash your hands—mask over your nose—we did this together, family, staff—students, we did it all.

What life lesson did we learn? That when we do things together, we can accomplish all. To this generation, here comes the graduation class of 2021.  We grew up fast because we had to. Now we take this life lesson with us, taking on life, making plans knowing when we do things together—we are in good hands.


Class of 2021—Congratulations