No More Bulls Head – So What Are Stamford’s Remaining Diner Options?

The unexpected closure of Bulls Head Diner has left many Stamford residents wondering what their options are.

The unexpected closure of Bulls Head Diner has left many Stamford residents wondering what their options are.

Katarina Matosevic, Staff Writer

After roughly 25 years in business in Stamford, Connecticut, Bulls Head Diner has closed. Following a Facebook post made by the diner’s Facebook page, the owners shared that the closure of the diner was a direct result of the discontinuation of the lease. 

Although many of Bulls Head’s customers were upset due to this unexpected closure, the issue of no longer having a diner to go to is an issue that can be easily fixed, as Stamford has a wonderful selection of diners to choose from, located all over the city.

Just a little further up the road from Bull’s Head diner is another Stamford favorite, Parkway Diner. Not only does Parkway Diner have a very large selection of dishes, but the staff is very welcoming, creating a very “homey” and welcoming environment for their customers. 

Another Stamford diner favorite is Lakeside Diner. Lakeside Diner is located on Long Ridge Road, and is a cute little diner who is very well known for their house made donuts. Not only is Lakeside famous in Stamford, but this special diner was also featured in the Disney movie College Road Trip starring Raven Symone. 

Elm Street Diner, located on Elm Street, is a relatively new edition to Stamford’s very large selection of diners. This diner is located in a small little building on the side of the road, but don’t let the size of this place on the outside fool you. The interior of this diner is very cute and modern, and makes some very delicious meals. Elm Street Diner is best known for their very massive and sugar-loaded milkshakes. Definitely a place to try out if you’re having a sweet tooth and want to try out something new. 

One of the last diners on Stamford’s “diner favorites” list is Stamford Diner. Stamford Diner is located on Harvard Avenue. This diner is actually connected to the La Quinta Inn & Suites. This diner has an “old school type diner” feel, with a very large menu, with some very delicious breakfast favorites. 

These few diners are not the only diners that Stamford has to offer. In fact, in Stamford alone, there are about nine diners. Needless to say, with the unfortunate closing of Bulls Head Diner, it’ll be quite easy to try to find a few new favorite diners that might have some new things to offer you.