Of Course Things Have Changed Lucy, Don’t Be Ridiculous


Katarina Matosevic, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered how much life as a Black Knight has really changed throughout the years? Short answer, it’s changed a lot. 

When Stamford High first began the Round Table, which was originally named “The Siren”, each newspaper cost around ten cents, which was later slightly increased to about 25 cents in the 1970’s. Could you imagine having to pay money to read the Round Table articles? Lucky for us, now everything has now been digitized, paying money to read an article is no longer an issue. However, with the change of the publication from actual paper to an online forum, the ads that once flooded the newspaper were removed. With this change from paper print to an electronic print, the newspaper has become more accessible for the staff, students, and families of Stamford High School. 

Katarina Matosevic

The halls of Stamford High are lined with lockers that have not been touched by the last several generations of Black Knights. Back in the 1900’s, lockers played a key part in students’ lives. The use of these lockers went beyond just storing school supplies. The girls turned their lockers into “convenient makeup centers,” so they would be able to avoid the issue of touching up their hair and makeup in the school bathroom, while the boys would fill their lockers with photos of cars and their girlfriends as a form of “daily motivation”. The lockers that were once filled with photos, mirrors, books, etc now go untouched by the newer generation of SHS students.

Not only has the lives of students and staff at SHS changed over the years, but so has the appearance of the school itself. Stamford High School began as a single rented room. Students who attended SHS in 1874, which was when the school first opened, had a singular teacher  who taught all six of their core classes, which included reading, math, and philosophy. By 1896, the SHS building was finally complete. After the completion of the building, students who wanted to go to SHS were required to take an entrance exam, however the mandatory entrance exam was later eliminated in 1905. Finally in September of 2006, the last building of the SHS we know today, was completed. 

Katarina Matosevic

Stamford High has gone through many changes over the last few decades. From a change in the building itself, and a change in the way students live their everyday lives. Boyle Stadium, which is now used for gym class and several sports, was once a brand new development to past SHS students. The courtyards that are now under constant construction were once used for students to take smoke breaks and enjoy their lunch under the sun. The Stamford High School that began as a single classroom with 62 students is now a school with nine floors and thousands of students that roam its halls.