Students Unhappy with PSAT Week Schedule


Kinsly Lanfranco

Some students are upset about the disproportionate scheduling during PSAT week.

Iakovo Laveris, Staff Writer

This Monday January 25, it became clear that some students and staff of Stamford High School were in agreement over the unusual scheduling this week. Due to the PSAT exams, the blue group of students (students with last names A-K) do not have school on Tuesday. This is problematic because they already had only two in-school days this week, and now they are only in the building for one day. This may seem like a nice easy school week for the blue group, but it falls on the final days of the quarter, leaving many students concerned and others overwhelmed.

If you are not a student and you are reading this, you may not be familiar with the usual anxiety and rush that come with the final days of the quarter for some students. Even some students in the green group are feeling the stress of the closing grades.

Senior Jimi Cosentino, from blue group was very upset with the situation.

“I hate that nobody told us about this. I feel like I missed something. I don’t even think they sent out an email,” said Cosentino.

Looking ahead at the online school calendar would not have prepared students for the odd scheduling this week. Even on the day of PSATs, Tuesday, January 26, the school website’s calendar says it is a normal blue day. This mishap may understandably interfere with freshman and seniors plans to submit their last assignments before grades close. Since freshmen and seniors do not take the PSATs, most were unaware of the tests and schedule changes until around last week. 

English teacher Mr. Hough said he thought it would have been difficult to find a solution.

“The school doesn’t schedule the PSAT, the college board does,” Hough said.  “If anything were to change we would have to update the schedule for whole rest of the year.”

With the addition of some snowfall that occurred on Tuesday January 26, even more confusion was added with a false rumor of a schedule change. Senior Maz Yaghmaie admitted to believing that the schedule was pushed back one day and that Wednesday  would now be a blue day. Many seniors also said they were unaware of the schedule change until they attended school on Monday. 

“It doesn’t make sense that we would have three days when the school knows that the blue kids only have one day,” said senior Liam Malloy.  Senior Olivia Locker also expressed her disapproval.

“That’s not fair,” Locker said.

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